What is IKI?

The aim of the IKI-project is to identify and promote innovative models for the use and development of language in education from early childhood and throughout comprehensive school.

By producing a map of and compass for innovative language education in Finland, IKI aims to strengthen the provision of language education and language-aware education from early childhood education to the end of comprehensive school. Teacher educators, teachers and students are working together to share and create 

  1. innovative activities and approaches for future and current educators 
  2. practices that help communities develop collaborative ways of working 

The aim of the project is to create a research-based, pedagogical map and compass that helps teachers and early childhood educators develop their pedagogical practices. 

The IKI-project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and it is one of the Ministry’s key spearhead projects. 


The first phase of IKI involves mapping the wide range of innovations that exist in Finland such as language showering, bilingual education and co-located schools.


The second phase will look more closely at what kind of innovative practices and principles are needed to support and promote language awareness across different educational levels.


The final phase will be to share and strengthen language-related innovations across educational communities.

Get to know us

IKI project team in JYU

Josephine Moate

Senior Lecturer

Project leader

JYU, Department of teacher education

Tea Kangasvieri

Project Researcher

JYU, Department of teacher education

Anu Palojärvi

Project Researcher

JYU, Department of teacher education

Liisa Ranta-Ylitalo

Project Researcher

JYU, Department of language and communication studies

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